School Highlights

Here are some of the exciting features that you can expect to see from Rock and Roll Daycare. In empowering children to have impossibly great lives, to focus of the Montessori method is on following the child. We teach children to respect the prepared environment, their peers in the classroom, and their teachers. Children are the initiators of their own learning, so the environment is prepared and adjusted for children to engage their classroom at their own pace.


Each child participates in a numerous array of musical activities each day. From morning group music classes, to one-on-one engagement with music specialists, afternoon music and arts classes, monthly performances, and private lessons, children are introduced to an array of various styles of music and instruments. We believe that music is a conduit to learning, and therefore provide a multitude of musical experiences for children at every age.


Customized food options are made available for all toddler and preschool children through Smart Lunches ( A breakfast, morning and afternoon snack, and lunch are provided each day.
Sample lunches:

Caribbean Pork w/ Rice & Black Beans. Sides: Carrots & Baked Pears

Asian Chicken &  Rice. Sides: Green Beans & Baked Apples


As a family owned business, we realize that convenience is important. To save you time, we provide diapers and wipes for all infant and toddler children in our program. All of our daily communication is electronic, straight to your email, and tuition payments are automatically deducted from your account.


Our daily child reporting app provides parents with a high level of detail for diapering, feeding, sleeping times, as well as an account of the activities that your child participated in each day. We provide online parental access to our classroom camera system, and allow parents to access numerous parent trainings online.

Indoor Exercise / Play / Instructional Area

Each of our facilities has a designated playspace for the children to run and be active during those days when it is too cold or unpleasant to go outdoors. These same spaces are used for classroom activities, music events and classes, and parent education nights.

Outdoor Spaces

While we do not own our own outdoor playground, all of our centers are surrounded by a rich array of wonderful playgrounds within 1-2 blocks of each of our facilities. With activities for younger and older children, and large open spaces, these playgrounds allow a great degree of freedom for children to explore and enjoy.

Teacher Training Center

Rock and Roll Daycare is also home to the Rock and Roll Institute, which embraces our core philosophies of music, Montessori, and cultural education. At Rock and Roll Institute, it is our desire to provide the highest level of education in early childhood, music, and the Montessori method, which advances the quality of our program and keeps us on the front lines of education.

Parent Education

Rock and Roll Daycare works in partnership with parental support organizations such as early intervention, holds classes at local libraries, and hosts community music classes on site.

What folks are saying

We always felt very safe leaving Holden with the teachers and knew he was well taken care of. Rock & Roll Daycare was always very accommodating and flexible with two working parents who are trying to balance work and parenting.

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