Rock and Roll Daycare in Your Home

Rock and Roll Daycare in Your Home

At Rock and Roll Daycare, we love to have students at our facilities learning and sharing all types of things. While we offer so many enrichments for our students when they come to see us, there are also so many things both students and parents can do at home.


If you want to learn more about how you can get a slice of Rock and Roll Daycare inside your home read on to find out about the many exciting opportunities we offer.

Instagram Fun for Kids

We know that when your kids are home they’re always looking for fun things to do. While you may try to entertain them as much as you can, any help is always appreciated. That’s where we come in. 


At Rock and Roll Daycare, we offer our “Fridays with Phil” series for kids. These are great weekly segments that incorporate music and art. They keep kids busy and engaged while teaching about different music and art activities. To catch these, just log on to our Rock and Roll Daycare Instagram account at 12:45 on Fridays. 


You can also check out our page for other fun activities and that we’ll post from time to time. These usually correspond with the country we’re focusing on for the month. You’ll find some cool things you can do with your kids while they learn a little bit about another culture. It’s a win-win for everyone!




Instagram Activities for Adults


We know that parents can use some “me time” as well as some tips on their children’s development. If you haven’t tuned into Monday Motivation with Chris, you really should! Christopher Vuk, Rock and Roll Daycare Founder, hosts thoughtful discussions on a variety of topics. Some topics have included how to remain hopeful and why watching your kids is fun. Sometimes it’s nice to hear another perspective from a parent who understands what you’re going through.





There’s also Tuesday Tools with Erin where you can pick up some interesting information on children’s social and emotional development. You may hear something new that pertains to your child. This valuable information is also available on our Instagram page for everyone to check out.


Subscription Boxes


We’re also working on subscription boxes that bring all of the fun of Rock and Roll Daycare into your home. These boxes include fun music and activities that you can share with your child. These are coming soon, so stay tuned!


As you can tell, we’re very busy at Rock and Roll Daycare creating fun ideas to teach your children about new cultures and ideas. There’s also something exciting going on so be sure to check us out! 



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