March Wellness

How can you make sure you achieve all you need at work and in your home life without draining every last drop in your mental engine?


Taking some time to take care of yourself during the week can really benefit your long-term productivity and overall mood. Make yourself a cup of coffee (or tea), sit back, and read ahead for some easy ways to take care of yourself.

Take Time to De-Stress

Everyone has their de-stressors, the things that make them instantly relax and feel rejuvenated.

Some ideas for an immediate stress reliever:

  • Go for a 10-minute walk.
  • Close your eyes and take ten deep breaths.
  • Visualize a pleasing scene, like a calm beach or an event that you are looking forward to.
  • Take a break from your computer screen or phone.
  • Put on soothing music.
  • Do some coloring. Studies have shown that repetitive motions (like those used when coloring, cross-stitching, or making jewelry) reduce anxiety. 

Have a Good Work/Life Balance

Being available 24/7 to research, develop, and plan can leave you excited or stressed about work, which can shift the mood of your whole weekend. It’s important to set yourself a ‘switch-off’ time. Ensure that you are setting realistic curriculum planning goals, and you will get back to the task as soon as your work week begins again.


Set Realistic Expectations

While teachers are amazing multitaskers, we are also mere humans. People will understand if you do not have time to take on another after-school activity, implement another classroom initiative, or mentor another student teacher. Instead of taking on an overload of work, suggest a colleague who might be happy to improve their experience or impress their supervisor.


Choose One Activity For Yourself A Week

Choosing an activity just for you one day a week can help you disconnect from work stresses. Taking up yoga, meeting a friend for coffee, or taking a walk through the neighborhood are all simple ways to decompress from your busy week.


Take Care of your Physical Well-being

Studies have shown a close link between your physical and mental health. Some of the crucial things to take care of include:

  • Getting enough sleep. Adults in the 18–65 age bracket need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep a night. A good night’s sleep can boost productivity during the daylight hours so that you’ll be working smarter, not harder.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Eating a balanced diet provides your body (including your brain) with the nutrients it needs to function properly. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water!
  • Be active. Exercise produces endorphins, which send a boost of positivity to your brain. Research suggests that 30 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity most days of the week can lead to an increase in mental functioning, including an increase in memory and learning ability. If you’re short on time or motivation, break your 30 minutes into 10- or 15-minute intervals. Better yet, join a social sporting team to make new friends at the same time!


Here are some great ideas and resources for providing stress relieving activities to the entire classroom, including activities for Infants all the way up to Preschool!!


Whether you are unwinding at home or are just getting the children down to sleep during nap time, calm and relaxing music is always helpful in creating serene environments for all!


We are excited to announce a new partnership with Rock and Roll Daycare and Qi Foot Spa.  Our goal is to join together in bringing relaxation, health and wellness to our Teaching Community.  During the month of March we invite you to take $12 off of a Premium Relax Massage when booked through this website.  Please mention RRDC Wellness Promotion at the time of booking to receive this discounted rate. 


All RRDC Staff must complete this form prior to scheduling an appointment at Qi Foot Spa:


**Covid Attestation form is required to be completed by each individual prior to service appointment**

**As a fellow service provider that has been heavily impacted by the covid-19 pandemic and being heavily reliant on word of mouth recommendations, Qi Foot Spa would be forever grateful if following your visit, you would be willing to write an online review to help promote their organization**

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