Focus on Wellness: Tai Chi

As we wrap up our focus on China for the month of February, we couldn’t let it go by without focusing on wellness and the art of Tai chi. As we teach our students about Chinese culture and customs, it’s important to also touch on Tai chi because it remains a large part of life in China.


Perhaps you’ve heard of Tai Chi before or even practiced it or maybe you’re not familiar with it at all. Whatever the case, we’re going to take a look at what Tai Chi entails and why it’s remained a part of Chinese culture for centuries.



What is Tai Chi?


Tai Chi dates back to the 1600s in China. It’s based on Qigong and martial art techniques. Chen Wangting developed Chen Style Tai Chi around 1670. It has developed into different forms through the years and remains a vital part of Chinese culture today.


Tai chi is based on the idea of connecting the mind and body and controlling movements and breathing. The goal of tai chi is to bring energy into the body and let it flow smoothly. To do this, you must be mindful and have harmony between the inner and outer self.


The movements in tai chi are done slowly and are accompanied by deep breathing. Each posture flows into the next without stopping so that the body is in constant movement. 


Anyone can do tai chi because there is minimal stress on muscles and joints. But, you should always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.


Tai chi requires no special equipment and can be done anywhere. You can also do it alone or in a group class. 


Children can learn how to do tai chi because it is so simple. It can help kids focus, which is something that may not be easy for all little ones. Since kids are little sponges, they’re likely to pick up the movements quickly as they learn them.


Benefits of Tai Chi



Studies have shown tai chi has numerous benefits. These include:


  • Flexibility
  • Pain relief
  • Fitness
  • Improved muscle strength


Other benefits may include:

  • Improved mood
  • Increased energy
  • Less anxiety
  • Decreased depression


Getting started with tai chi is easy. You can find many short videos online that will introduce you to the movements. If you decide you really like it, you can also look into in-person classes in your area. 



If you want to introduce it to your child, try an online video geared towards kids. These are usually short and easy to keep kids’ attention. 


As you introduce your child to tai chi and the Chinese culture, check out our Instagram page for some fun and exciting activities you can download. We always have something exciting going on like our “Fridays with Phil” series that brings a live activity into your home each Friday at 12:45.


At Rock and Roll Daycare, we are always looking for fun and exciting lessons and cultures to introduce your children to both at our centers and inside your home. Be sure to check in with us frequently for more interesting ideas!






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